World’s First Portable Hand-Held Fingerprint Drug Detection Device

The first ever prototype of a portable fingerprint Drug testing device has been created by Intelligent Fingerprinting Ltd, based in the NRP Innovation Centre at Norwich Research Park, a spin out company of the University of East Anglia, UK. The interesting news is instead of Blood sample, the device just needs Sweats in Finger to detect Drugs.

Portable Hand Held Drug Detection Device

While pressing the fingers against the device, the device collects the sweat contained in finger and gives the result.  Basically this type of device is usually made for Fingerprint Test, but as the tremendous advancement of simple modification inside the device made itself Unique. Being a small device, it’s easy to carry everywhere and made in a convenient way. The in-built eg systems/technologies in the device such as microfluidics, optics, electronics, software, industrial and mechanical designs are highly advanced. Therefore it’s quite impossible to have a wrong result.

Now there is no need to take anyone into Hospital for drugs detection, it’s in Hand. No need to say, Future versions of the machine will be able to test more drugs. It can be used in Forensic Science, Homeland Security, Prisons, Workplaces and other places. As the presence of Watertight chain of evidence continuity, no need to require specialist, even an ordinary person can check it without any Bio-hazard precautions.

The device is just a sample now, but in 2012, it will be in Full Production and a team will consult with customers to develop new applications. Let’s see, how long Drugs can escape from this latest technological device.
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