HELLO 2: World’s Most Powerful Communication Device

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Team-Collaboration is an important part of all kinds of jobs that we see today. Moreover, we also need a reliable device that we can use to start video conferencing with our loved ones.

Until now, no Device or Platform eliminated the common audio and visual issues while Video-Conferencing. But things are about to change. Hello 2 will transform your TV into a powerful communication device. After you jack in the device to your TV, you can go live for Video Conferencing, Digital Whiteboarding, Wireless Screen Sharing, Alexa and Google voice Assistant, TV Streaming, Gaming, Live Broadcasting, and so on. Hello 2 supports dozens of video conferencing platforms including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, BlueJeans, Polycom RealPresence, Fuze, Unify, and more.

Hello Touch

Now as we have mentioned previously, Hello products have the potential to transform how we perceive working from home. Why? Because all its products complement and revolve around the same idea of facilitating better work collaboration between team members.

Along with Hello 2, Solaborate has another gadget under their sleeves, the Hello Touch. Hello Touch is the smartest and most affordable 4K TV. You can use this TV for Whiteboarding as well as live video conferencing, although Solaborate is more comfortable highlighting its use for Whiteboarding.

Another fancy feature of Hello 2 is that it lets you share your smartphone screen with one simple click. You can share any content on your smartphone right away without having to go online and find the same content using some other device. And furthermore, this screen sharing feature does not require you to connect to your TV.  Furthermore, with the Console extension, you can play any Android Game on your Hello 2.

Watch TV through any Android app that you have installed on your HELLO to follow your favorite series or movies using Netflix, Youtube, HBO NOW, KODI or other TV streaming providers.

Wrapping Up!

Will you buy such a gadget that enhances your video-conferencing experience? Let us know about your thoughts on the gadget through the comment section below.

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