Microsoft’s Socl Resurfaces, This Time in Private Beta

Apparently, Microsoft plans to polish and to release its social network Socl. The curious user can’t take a sneak peak to the service, as Microsoft is very secretive on this matter at the moment and a beta version is only available for few lucky team members. And no, you can’t find anything on the old domain, extensively explained by the Verge in November.

Reportedly, Microsoft moved its secret social network, which at the moment not is rather antisocial, at but here you will be asked for a password. However, Microsoft found an intriguing way to acquire a Chilean domainto shorten the access to the upcoming social network. Oddly enough, Microsoft owned the domain since 2009 and the company bought this July, according to WHOIS records.

After the Socl project leaked on the Internet, Microsoft officially declared it to be “an internal design project from one of Microsoft’s research teams which was mistakenly published to the web. We have no more information at this time ”, as SlashGear reported back in November (link). Later the company pulled down any signs of its existence. At the time, Socl was believed to be a social network, focused on improving interactions derived from Bing searches.

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