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Hawaii Lava Flow Destroys First Home

There are many lava mines in the mountains of Hawaii. These lava are extreme hot and are very dangerous. However, for the past few days, Puna lava flow had been slowly heading to a residential area in the Hawaiian village of Pahoa. And the sad news is this lava flow has destroyed the first home.

Hawaii County Civil Defense officials have said that the lava began oozing from Kilauea Volcano in late June. They found the lava very dangerous and risky as it was slowly but steadily moving toward a house. Seeing this, Hawaii County Civil Defense officials ordered the people living in that house to abort the house and as soon as possible, they left the house.

However, this Monday, the lava incinerated the house just before noon (local time) and thus, marking the first home devoured by a stream of molten rock. When this incident happened, no other people surrounding that area or that house have been reported injured. Members of the family who had lived in that house stood by to “document and observe” their home burning from a safe distance. Here’a video of where you can see a crackling, charcoal-colored carpet of lava enveloping the grounds around the house as flames and thick smoke engulfed the single-story, wood-paneled home, causing it to collapse.

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Residents of about 50 homes in the projected path of the lava have been making preparations to flee for weeks, many emptying their houses of belongings in case an evacuation becomes necessary.

Source: Hawaii News Now
Thanks To: CNN

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