BlueAnt launch World’s First Voice-Controlled Car Speakerphone

The world’s leading provider of innovative Bluetooth peripheral devices and accessories, BlueAnt Wireless is planned to launch its new sleek, stylish BlueAnt S4, which the company claims as the world’s first voice controlled Bluetooth car speakerphone.

Drivers will be able to communicate completely using just their voice commands, without the need to touch their handsets or car speakerphones while driving – all with the cool BlueAnt S4.

BlueAnt S4 also incorporates Vlingo SafeReader application that able to read out all incoming text messages and e-mail with just the touch of a button, fully compatible with BlackBerry smartphones and Google Android 2.0 or newer mobile devices.

The new powerful, portable hands-free BlueAnt S4 voice controlled Bluetooth car speakerphone that comes with 2 metal visor clips for easy attaching to the vehicle’s sun visor is now available at Best Buy, scheduled to hit AT&T stores beginning May 23 for approximately $100.(Corrected Below)

The S4 will be available starting Sunday, May 23 at Best Buy and will be offered through AT&T starting June 6.

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