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Imation Link Wireless HD Audio/Video Extender

Imation Link Wireless HD Audio/Video Extender

With Imation’s Link Wireless A/V Solution, you can now enjoy the freedom of wirelessly streaming content from your notebook and/or desktop PC/Mac to your television, projector or monitor. It also allows you to increase the size of your PC “desktop” by expanding it to a TV or projector. Imation’s Link A/V Solution utilizes a wireless USB-based connection, resulting in crisp, clean video displays. It supports both high-resolution video and audio and it’s easy to install – there’s no complex setup required, making it user-friendly and simple to operate. With faster data transfer rates than WiFi, you’re ensured strong and reliable wireless signals, lower power consumption and no WiFi interferences.

By On November 22, 2011 1 Response
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