TheTechJournal is the most rising Tech News site. We started back in July of 2009 and it immediately drew attention among readers. We became Alexa Ranked Top 15k within the first six months. And since the start, we are always growing. We have a stable team, a good number of the Writers & Editors working from our office and all of us are very passionate about TTJ. That’s why our site got updated in almost every hour. We have a very unique approach to news. We don’t present news in a geeky way. We present it in a very simple way, the way we like, the way most of the people understand. We cover all tech news. We do BREAKING news on Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and all major Tech company. We are the pioneer in covering Tablet device and all kinds of Apps(iOS, Android, Mac, Windows). We do love and help start-ups. We are also the main resource for Digital Camera lover. We do also have dedicated products section and product comparison feature. You should check out our About page for more details.

Here we will present some of our stat to help you understand why we are the best choice for the advertiser if you have related product or demography.

Legacy Stats

TheTechJournal Audience Reach:

# About 1 million readers per month

# 2.5+ million page views per month

# 58%+ USĀ  & 26%+ European readers


TheTechJournal Audience Insight:

# Gender: 56.13% Male & 43.87% Female

# Age: 45.32% Users are between 18-34 Years old, 33.51% Users are 35-49 Years old, 16.27% Users are 50+ And 4.11% Users are 13 – 17 Years old and 0.47% User are 3-13 Years old.

# Education: 51.28% Users have College Grads, 10.89% have Post Grads and 37.81% have High School Degree.

# Income:: 29.63% Have Over $100k HHI(House Hold Income Per Year), 28.49% have $60-$100K HHI and 41.79% have Below $60k HHI.

# Less then 9.4% bounce rate

# Average user visits 3.2 page per session

# Average user spends over 10 min per session.

# 50% traffic from Organic Search Result.

# Windows User 58%+, Mac user 11%+, iOS user 16% and Android 8%.


TheTechJournal Social Power:

# 75,000+ Subscriber, 17,000 Twitter Followers, 110,000 Facebook Fan, in total 250,000+ Social Followers, and always increasing.

# IZEA ranked number 1 news blog site for over 35 week.

# BlogFlux Ranked No.1 Technology News site

# rated TheTechJournal 8.4(very good)

# 500,000+ Inbound links


Advertising Opportunity:

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Review Opportunity:

If you want your apps, software or service get reviewed by us contact with product details. But keep in mind we will always do Critical Review. We can’t lie to our readers.

Social Marketing:

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