Acer Shows Aspire R7 — The Strangest Windows 8 Laptop-Tablet Convertible

Yesterday, Acer held a press event in New York City and revealed some new devices which will be coming to consumers shortly. Among those unveiled devices, the most interesting, attractive and innovative device was Aspire R7, the strangest Windows 8 laptop-tablet convertible. It is called the 'strangest' because the display of Aspire R7 laptop-tablet convertible can move around in all sorts of ways!

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Dell XPS 18, Considered The Best All-in-one Windows 8 Desktop PC

One of the many new features of the HTC One are the dual front-facing Beats Audio speakers. And now it seems like Taiwanese company HTC might be continuing the front facing speaker trend for its budget friendly devices too. Recently, an specs of a smartphone named HTC 608t has been leaked. The device seems to be a slightly low-end version of the HTC One.

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Lenovo’s New Business Desktop – ThinkCentre M78 [Specs]

Lenovo has introduced a new enterprise-level desktop PC with AMD's A-Series processor - IdeaCentre M78. Powered by the super-fast performance of AMD A8-5500B processor, it comes with high-performance graphics support. Other important gears include four USB 3.0 ports, up to 32GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, SATA III HDD etc. All these and more are packed in an affordable price. Check the specifications yourself.

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Alienware Aurora AAS-3506MSB Desktop PC

Crank up your gaming with the Alienware Aurora desktop PC (model AAS-3506MSB), which is designed for extreme performance from the inside out. You'll get hardcore graphics options in a compact, yet highly expandable mid-tower desktop chassis that's packed with the processor and GPU performance you demand to increase 3D quality and HD gaming immersion.

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Gateway DX4860-UR32P Desktop Computer

The Gateway DX Desktop's elegant black surface with glossy finish and illuminated Gateway logo beams with pride. Beneath this handsome exterior lies intense power from the from the 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB DDR3 Memory, integrated HD Graphics, and enormous 1.5TB Hard Drive. With Windows 7 Home Premium and a ton of convenient ports- connecting is easy. This streamlined PC has a ton of convenient ports making connecting easy, and provides everything you need to enjoy more of your digital media, power through applications, produce content, edit files and create the incredible.

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Imation Link Wireless HD Audio/Video Extender

With Imation’s Link Wireless A/V Solution, you can now enjoy the freedom of wirelessly streaming content from your notebook and/or desktop PC/Mac to your television, projector or monitor. It also allows you to increase the size of your PC “desktop” by expanding it to a TV or projector. Imation’s Link A/V Solution utilizes a wireless USB-based connection, resulting in crisp, clean video displays. It supports both high-resolution video and audio and it’s easy to install – there’s no complex setup required, making it user-friendly and simple to operate. With faster data transfer rates than WiFi, you’re ensured strong and reliable wireless signals, lower power consumption and no WiFi interferences.

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Sony VAIO L All-In-One With 3D

Sony announces Vaio L-Series all-in-one with 3D display and thus the latest addition to the VAIO L all-in-one line was born. The newly announced system plays television and features a 24-inch 3D multitouch display, a Blu-ray player, a bezel with built-in touch controls, 1080p HD playback, USB 3.0 and an HDMI port........

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