HP ZR2740w 27-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor

The HP ZR2740w 27” LED Backlit IPS Monitor delivers amazing 2560 x 1440 resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio and 3.7 million pixels in an ultra-modern and glossy design that perfectly complements HP Z Workstations. The main advantage of this model is IPS technology and the ability to exactly reproduce a vast array of colors, even at very shallow angles.

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HP TouchPads To WebOS Phone Adopters Will Get $50 Discounts

HP is offering an unusual tactic to the early adopters of the TouchPad a discount based on loyalty to the webOS platform. This special offer is for the US or Canada who can prove they bought a Palm Pre, Pixi, or their Plus equivalents will get a $50 rebate on a 32GB version of the new tablet. The deal is valid anywhere the TouchPad is on sale and will continue to the end of July.

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HP x2301 Micro Thin Monitor

HP x2301 Micro Thin monitor makes other displays feel bloated and features a 23-inch, LED-backlit, 1080p display that's an absolutely anorexic 9.8mm (0.39 inches) thick. Most of the important internals have been shoved into the blue-tinted base to keep the brushed aluminum and glossy black screen as thin as possible, not exactly a high-end model, but the 3ms response time and 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio are nothing to sniff at.........

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HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

Wireless devices tend to have a pretty limited range of connection options, but HP has revealed a wireless mobile mouse that it says is the first on the market to connect using Wi-Fi.It will help you hook up the mouse to the computer while letting you work with ease and will instantly reconnect during each time you want to use it and also it operates without interference from other wireless devices.............

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HP’s 11.6-inch Pavilion dm1

Hewlett-Packard has expanded its range of another ultraportable series Pavilion, equipped with 11.6-inch screen and a line of energy-efficient processors from AMD Neo. New products already on the market in Japan under the name HP Pavilion DM1a, but debut in other countries, this thin and light notebook is likely to receive different model designation.....

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