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Terminator T800 Brain Chip Goes On Sale

On April 19th at 8:11 PM, Skynet was supposed to become aware. In the Terminator franchise that day is known as Judgment Day, when the machines turns against us. On April 19th Judgment Day didn’t come obviously. Twitter though was buzzing with the fact that the day had arrived.

OLED Microdisplay Based Eyetracking HMD

Fraunhofer IPMS is first off the blocks yet again with their latest thingamajic,the first OLED microdisplay-based eyetracking Head Mounted Device (HMD) in the world over at SID 2011 and the rig is much like a monocle, except with a transparent OLED display inside, which overlays digital information on top of the reflected light that usually hits…
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