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Hackers purporting to be from India hacked into twenty of the sixty four district web portals of Bangladesh yesterday (March 20) and posted an image and some threatening messages. The image shown below was posted, which reads “28 different state, 28 different languages but one word JAI HIND!” The web sites were being operated out of the office of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

A message below the image read: “Secure border between India and Bangladesh. If any terrorist send by Pakistan come via Bangladesh route then I will danger to YOU Cyber War will be started. These is demo We don’t want 26/11 in India GOVERNMENT LOOK AT IT ELSE CYBER WAR WILL START…. WE ROOTED AND **** YOUR ISP.”

Lt Col Ziaul Ahsan, chief of law enforcement agency RAB’s Intelligence Division, professed ignorance of the attack even 12 hours after the incident had occurred.

The web sites provided information and related links for each of Bangladesh’s 64 districts, and was maintained by the Prime Minister’s Office. The government has said it is preparing web portals for the country’s 469 sub-districts in the near future.

Saturday’s incident illustrates the poor state of cybersecurity in Bangladesh, with many authorities in charge of the web sites revealing that they only learned of the attack after reading about it in the news.
Almost all of the sites broken into have been repaired by now.
Meanwhile, the hackers may have been referring to a number of recent arrests in Bangladesh of operatives of Pakistan-based militant organizations, which have been blamed for terrorist attacks in India, and have reportedly operated or recruited members from Bangladesh.

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  On March 21, 2010(6 years, 3 months ago.)

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