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Ariel Motor Introduced World's First Fully Immersive Simulator
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TL1 simulator has been specially designed for both hardcore racing fans as well as pro racing drivers and pilots. Ariel Motor claims that it is the world’s first 180-degree spherical projector screen. The system has three high-definition projectors that can give a complete view of the virtual track ahead. Motion Simulation’s TL1 attracts a wide range of users, including professional race drivers, hardcore gamers and enthusiasts who are seeking the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience available. The TL1 is available for £11,500 ($18,573) at MotionSimulation.

Motion Simulation TL1

Press Release

Motion Simulation – prepare to be moved

World’s first fully immersive simulator

Following Motion Simulation’s overwhelming reception when previewing the TL1 at the Gadget Show Live show in Birmingham, the company can now confirm that the TL1 Racing, Flight and First-Person-Shooter Simulator will have its full launch and press event in June (full details tbc). Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK in cooperation with the Ariel Motor Company, creator of one of the world’s fastest cars – the Ariel Atom, the TL1 houses the world’s first portable 180 degree, spherical projector screen and variable driving position cockpit.

The Motion Simulation TL1 appeals to a broad range of users, including professional race drivers, gaming enthusiasts and those seeking the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience available. They will not be disappointed.

The TL1 simulator provides a truly immersive, non-compromised experience running up to three ultra high definition projectors with a single, seamless seven million-pixel image on a wrap-around screen. Measuring over two metres wide and providing 180 degree vision, total realism is guaranteed, from landing an Airbus to battling a Chieftain Tank.

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The simulator was raced to the finish line by 328 visitors at the Gadget Show Live, of whom, gave the high-adrenaline user experience an average score of 9.2/10. To really feel the realism demonstrated by the TL1, watch the video live from the cockpit at the Gadget Show Live.

The unique seating system can be rotated to go from Touring and GT car positions to Eurofighter, up to the extreme seating angles of a Starfighter or Formula 1 car. Running the best simulation software titles that include laser-scanned racing circuits, accurate to within 2mm, the Motion Simulation TL1 replicates the full driving experience, down to every bump in the road.

Compatible with PC and games consoles, including PS3 and Xbox 360, the TL1 is available in various configurations and colours, from Cockpit only (TL1c) to a full plug-and-play TL1 unit, including body, screen, cockpit, PC, projectors, professional controls and software. Options enable the customer to specify the TL1 to their own particular use and requirements.

The Motion Simulation TL1 has been designed for domestic and commercial use with particular care to the environment that the simulator will be working in. With the ability to be stripped down for carriage and quickly reassembled, the TL1 will fit through a domestic doorway to provide the ultimate simulator experience anywhere. Corporate packages of single branded units right up to a complete tailor made ‘Motion Simulation Room’, including multiple simulators, video walls and computer servers, are available. Whether used as individual units for professional race and flight practice, the ultimate in game playing or multiple units for real time racing, the Motion Simulation TL1 delivers the most realistic experience ever available.

Founded by Jonathan Bell, Motion Simulation Ltd. was started in 2008 to provide a fresh and no compromise approach to simulator design and to ensure the most absorbing and rewarding experience possible. Through real world experience of owning and driving race cars on some of the world’s most famous race circuits and extensive simulator experience, Bell’s knowledge and ability to define what feels real over a virtual experience is second to none. “There has always been a gap in the quality of experience between simulation software and hardware,” Bell explains, “like screens, cockpits, steering wheels and pedals. The technology and information has been there in the software, but the visuals and driving environment let the experience down. We have given high value to every part of the simulator to ensure our customers get the most realistic experience available. Our aim is to take the Simulator as close as possible to the real thing and TL1 is just the start.”

Working alongside Ariel Motor Company, manufacturers of the iconic Ariel Atom – one of the fastest production cars in the world – Motion Simulation has been able to draw on the vast design and experience of the world-renowned Ariel team. With numerous awards after its name, including Number 1 on the Top Gear Leaderboard and 3 times winner of the Autocar 0-100-0 Contest, the Atom has become a benchmark for acceleration, speed and pure driving performance. Simon Saunders, director of Ariel, adds, “Ariel has a heritage based on innovation, design excellence and pride in British design and manufacturing. This same design ethos has been brought to the Motion Simulation range of simulators and they’ll be built here in Somerset by Ariel technicians.”

Pricing and availability

Prices for TL1 Full Simulator start at £11,500, orders are being taken now via the Motion Simulation website. The cockpit-only TL1c’s pricing is yet to be confirmed. A range of options are available to allow customers to specify units to their own requirements. Further details are available from The core objective of Motion Simulation Ltd. is to provide the worlds most advanced, highly dynamic and innovatively designed motion simulators. The TL1 Simulator is just the first product from the company and sets the path towards future products. Prepare to be moved.

Source: Autoblog, Image Courtesy: Engadget

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