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A day ago i’ve reported that downgarde iPhone 4 Baseband 2.10.04 to 01.59.00 coming soon.Few minutes ago well-known iPhone hacker Sherif Hashim has replied one of his fans via his twitter account confirming that work on 3.10.01 baseband is in progress.

From his tweet:

Prostat_Pukis asking: that unlock will be for BB 03.10 as well?
sherif_hashim replying: yes

He has not mention nothing else.I’ll inform you the latest update.Till then stay connected.

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  On December 14, 2010(3 years, 4 months ago.)
  • Babydoll158731

    when will the unlock for bb 3.10.01 come out?? i thought it was for today??

  • Not nessesry

    iphone 4 ! frim 4.1 model 3.10.01 !!
    when can i unlock it please shourcut ! ?:S

  • Holzhofer4u

    Thanks for good news !

  • alan ley

    when will come unlock 3.10.01 baseband??????

  • Jiggy

    its the jailbreake for 4.2.1 not provider unlock for that you will have to wait little bit more.

  • Raza

    Never. I sold mine.

  • Testes

    Wow, I can’t wait. The thoughts of this unlock make my cock hard (as a rock) !!

  • Extract32

    Any word on the unlock for bb 3.10.1

  • Bones

    Yes word is the bird bird is the word…..

  • Itsmix

    This is BS, last year 2010 they told us they are about to release it, its feb. 2011 now!! Hurry up Dev team please!

  • Waqasbajwa96

    I don’t know how to unlocked iPhone 4 4.2.1 modem firmware 03.10.01 please tell me how to unlocked iPhone please

  • Lu

    This is total bs. Lies getting pissed off with all the lies. 4.3 is out now, and this ass hats are now saying no unlock for bb 3.10.01 any time soon…. Yet for the last 3months they told us they had 1and would release after 4.3 is out…

  • illuminati

    people relax the unlock will be available soon. i had the same problem and i had to wait for 6 months but when they released the date for my bb version. It was true, a tricky play but genius and now i enjoy my iphone and i can even update it and everything. So chill and wait i’m sure they are doing their best and this version will be unlocked with the release of the new ios

  • Almakr_man

    In new news about bb 3.10.1 unlock?

  • Luke

    Hi. Any new info on unlock 3.10.1?

  • Faizan Amjad

    When it will be released ?? :-(

  • Huk12

    No one can unlock 03.10.01, this is made with so complicated manner!

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