Nintendo Wii’s Successor Coming in 2012

This is not a gamer’s wish nor an official’s statement. A functional model is likely to be revealed at the E3 exhibition (Electronic Entertainment Expo) which opens in Los Angeles on June 7.

Nintendo Wii is the best sold gaming console of its generation (the seventh). According to the official report, 86 million units have been delivered – this means the gaming consoles sent to retailers and not those actually bought by users worldwide. Wii’s success has been ensured by four main factors: its competitive price, the innovative controller which is capable of detecting 3D movement, an important number of die-hard fans and a new concept of player interaction which is specific for Nintendo Wii.

Unfortunately, Sony and Microsoft lag a little behind in regards to this concept.   Concerning the decision to launch a gaming console with a lower level of performance, yet with a more attractive game experience, Shigeru Miyamoto, game designer for Nintendo said that too many powerful video game consoles tended to annihilate one another, just like predators that were competing for the same market sector. „ History” has proven him right and Wii has thrived for 4 year in the homes of those who wanted a gaming console that would be fun for multiplayer games.

Despite all that, Wii sales have lost their initial swing since Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move have been launched. Therefore, the company’s decision to introduce Wii’s successor comes at a bad time (as an additional piece of information, the previous Wii was also released at E3, five years ago).

Of course, the technical specifications of this gaming console have not yet been revealed since the manufacturer wishes to keep the mystery going. Rumors are going to flood the internet in the near future.  We wish them good luck and hope that the next will Wii be just as innovative as the current one.

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