Penguin United’s Eagle Eye Brings Keyboard and Mouse Support to the PS3

True PC Gamers would define playing a first person shooter with a gamepad as blasphemy, but the creative folks over at Penguin United think they finally have a way to even the odds. The hefty but still portable “Eagle Eye” USB hub acts as an interface between the PS3 and any standard USB keyboard / mouse, finally bringing WASD gaming to the unwashed console masses………

With the PS3’s plethora of USB ports scattered across the front, you’d think it’d be a no-brainer that all shooters on the console would support keyboard and mouse controls to make the FPS purists happy. Sadly that’s not nearly the case, so it’s up to companies like Penguin United (creators of a fine array of silly Wii peripherals) to fill the void.

The box itself will allow for a limited amount of customization if you need to change the key bindings a bit, but it’s doubtful you’ll be able to use the full spread of keys for messaging given the input limitations of the gamepad they are emulating. The company plans to ship the accessory later in the year for approximately $60, but it’s unclear at this point if they have Sony’s blessing, or if this will be an “unofficial” add-on.

The Eagle Eye is its attempt, a surprisingly sizable box with an unfortunately short 2-foot USB cable and inputs for mouse and keyboard. Using buttons on that box you assign controller inputs to keys and away you go, hunting the Helgath’s worst in WASD. The cost is a bit steep at $60 when it ships later this month, but nobody said having a (possibly imaginary) unfair advantage over the competition would be cheap.

Disbelievers can watch the Eagle Eye in action after the jump, along with a series of testimonials from the E3 show floor.


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