Hitachi i.μ Type V and Hitachi i.μ Type S Portable Player

Hitachi has announced two new pocket-sized player, the Hitachi i.μ Type V and Hitachi i.μ Type S. Both the digital audio player is announced for release in Japan next Monday.

Both Type V and Type S i.μ digital audio players will have 4GB internal memory, read and play .wma and .mp3 media files. You will find a 2-inch screen that capable to deliver 176×220 pixel resolution, and both types of Hitachi i.μ read JPEG or BMP files.

The Hitachi i.μ Type S is a ‘USB drive’ form factor and support for 128 x 64 pixels screen.The i.μ Type S however comes without a color screen or a Radio FM Tuner but with a USB Thumb key design allowing you to use it for both listening to music and storing data at the same time.

Hitachi i.μ Type V will be available in white and brown color options, while the Hitachi i.μ Type S is white, brown, pink and blue flavors.

No info on pricing and global availability yet.


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