Comex’s Spirit Like Tool To Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS And iPod Touch 2G/3G Delayed

A very disappointed news that shocked me and i think you too who are eagerly waiting for Comexe’s new spirit like tool to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS And iPod Touch 2G/3G.It will be delay.

The most vocal of all iPhone Dev-Team members MuscleNerd has confirmed that the new jailbreak wont be released today.This slight delay is because of some of the important iPhone 4 apps like FaceTime which are having issues after jailbreak. As MuscleNerd rightly said, there is no point in releasing a half-baked jailbreak tool which causes issues for the end-users.

He mentioned:
Not to make it a daily thing, but since somehow people thought it would be today: the new JB+unlock won’t be out today

(there are issues with important apps like Facetime that need to be figured out…no sense releasing a half-broken JB)

In the recent interview Saurik also mentioned some of these issues.Let’s see how quickly these issues be solved.Stay with us for the latest update.


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