T-Mobile USA Offering Micro-SIMs For Any Unlocked Apple’s GSM iPhone

T-Mobile’s giving away the pint-sized cards gratis, provided you’re also willing to sign your precious life away on contract and offering a Micro SIM card that lets iPhone users access the network. Unlocked iPhones went on sale last month for $649 with 16 gigabytes of memory or $749 with 32 gigabytes………….


There are more than 1 million unlocked iPhone handsets on the T-Mobile network, but mostly older models that use full-sized SIM cards and when the iPhone 4 introduced micro-SIM cards, it became more of a hassle for customers as they’d have to trim down their full-sized T-Mobile SIM cards to fit. T-Mobile USA is now specifically targeting unlocked iPhones on its website by offering Micro-SIMs that are compatible with the officially and unofficially, unlocked versions of Apple’s GSM iPhone. The iPhone is an exclusive to AT&T in the US, so T-Mobile has not been able to overtly court these users. Now that Apple is offering unlocked versions of the GSM iPhone directly from its website for $649, T-Mobile is able to directly market these SIMs to iPhone users without getting heat from Apple or AT&T. These Micro-SIMs can also be used in the GSM models of iPad and iPad 2, also technically AT&T exclusives. iPads are not locked to a carrier though and a simple carrier settings change will enable them to work on T-Mobile just fine, albeit at slower 2G speeds. The Micro-SIMs are offered on T-Mobile’s website for free, but are tied into a 2-year contract. This makes them technically a worse deal for iPad users as AT&T offers a no-contract data plan.  AT&T service in your area is terrible or nonexistent, this does provide you with another option for an unlocked iPhone.



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