Windows Phone 7 – The First Major Update Is Here

The first major update for Windows Phone 7 is starting to appear on user’s devices. The process started a couple of days ago and the first step is smartphones, this was Microsoft’s claim. In reality, the update varies from provider to provider. The update is said to contain some new features, as well as improved stability to the Windows Mobile platform.

Windows Phone 7

What’s new in the NoDo update from Microsoft:

  • Copy&Paste: maybe the most important change Microsoft made to the platform (and it’s about time if you ask me, Nokia made it possible from version 7.0). This will make browsing the internet much faster.
  • Faster starting time for apps: the time it takes to enter and exit a app is much shorter, also the restart time for apps has reduced noticeable. This is step forward for multitasking, which will come in the near future.
  • Wi-Fi: Now it’s possible to see the MAC address of your device. We hope the next update will lat you set a manual IP address.
  • Outlook: A much needed update, see attachments from non-exchange email accounts(Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail)
  • Facebook/Camera/Audio: tweaks for synchronizing your Facebook account and photo/video camera use.

The next major update is scheduled at the end of this year, cod-name Mango and it will bring other essential elements such as: multitasking, Twitter synchronization and Internet Explorer 9. Mango will certainly mark the transition to Windows Phone 7.5.

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