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NASA To Launch 3D Printer To ISS First Time On September 19

Space agency NASA has created a 3D printer in collaboration with Mountain View, California-based company Made in Space Inc. This 3D printer has the size of a small microwave and is mainly designed as a proof of concept to see if printing in zero gravity can create objects that are as accurate and as strong as those produced by a printer on Earth.

NASA Placing A Tiny 3D Printed Space Camera Into CubeSats

NASA is experimenting with small space cameras made almost entirely of 3D printed parts. The technology the agency is using is a bit different from the 3D printing you might be familiar with if you've used consumer printers. Like 3D printing with exuded plastic, the pieces are built layer by layer, from the bottom up.

MESSENGER Going Closer And Closer To Mercury

Ever since NASA's robotic spacecraft MESSENGER entered into Mercury's orbit, it's been studying the planet's chemical composition, geology, and magnetic field. And now, it's been reported that MESSENGER is going closer to Mercury than ever before to study the planet more deeply.
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