Crysis 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Most Pirated Games of Year 2011

TorrentFreak released recently the analysis regarding the most downloaded torrents of last year. The reports also reveals that the number of illegal download slightly decreased since 2010. When it comes to PC games downloaded as torrents, the most pirated games of 2011 were Crysis 2 (Estimated 3.9 million), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (3.6 million), Battlefield 3 (3.5 million), FIFA 12 (3.3 million) and Portal 2 (3.2 million).

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Wii U Will Get Last-Gen Radeon

Wii U has last-gen Radeon inside, still more advanced than PS3 and Xbox 360, CryEngine-built software is already close to fully running on Nintendo’s next-generation console. At its heart is a chip similar to the R770 found in AMD's last-gen cards like the 4890 and the ustom core also supports Direct X 10.1 and also Eyefinity-like multi-display tech for up to four SD video streams...........

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Crysis 2 PC Game

Crysis 2 is the sequel to one of the greatest PC first-person shooters yet created. Crysis set the visual benchmark for PC games that still stands today. Crysis 2 redefines this benchmark, shifting their attention to the rich urban jungle of New York City. Featuring gorgeous destruction, futuristic war and the chance to kick alien butt on the grandest stage of all, New York City, Crysis 2 is destined at the least to equal its predecessor, if not surpass it. Additional features include:12-player support online, challenging AI enemies in the single player campaign, new and improved upgradable Nanosuit 2 technology and more. This is an Amazon’s Game review.

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