Download Mozilla Firefox 6 Final

Mozilla has posted Firefox 6 final letting you download the new browser ahead of its August 16th official release and Firefox 6 offers more control over permissions, faster start times, a plug-in check feature, improved HTML5 support and more. A few of the new updates are updated Address Bar functionality, a redesigned Web Developer menu, an improved Firefox Sync and faster startup time and you can download the latest Firefox 6 Beta now..............

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HTC Sensation 4G Available For Walmart

Walmart has already started to sell the Android superphone, before the official release date of the phone and it's uncertain if all Walmarts nationwide are pushing out the device for sale, but quite a number of purchases have already been made. Folks have been buying HTC Sensation 4G from Walmart for the same price of $148.88 and it comes bundled with an 8GB microSD card..........

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3 UK Carrier Lists White iPhone 4 for April 20th Delivery

After 10 months of production issues and excuses, it appears that the white iPhone 4 may finally materialize. UK carrier Three has just thrown up a product page for the pale smartphone, with the 32GB version priced at £159 ($259) on a £35 per month agreement. According to the product page, the first white iPhone 4 handsets will ship from April 20, or this coming Wednesday.

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