HTC Sensation 4G Available For Walmart

Walmart has already started to sell the Android superphone, before the official release date of the phone and it’s uncertain if all Walmarts nationwide are pushing out the device for sale, but quite a number of purchases have already been made. Folks have been buying HTC Sensation 4G from Walmart for the same price of $148.88 and it comes bundled with an 8GB microSD card……….


Walmart stores are already selling the HTC Sensation 4G and few lucky Walmart customers have been able to purchase a Sensation 4G from their local store last week (the report was posted June 8th), that’s a week early than the announced release date of the phone, which is June 15. HTC Sensation 4G is T-Mobile’s second dual-core Android smartphone (G2x is T-Mo’s first), clocked at 1.2 GHz, and is powered by Androids 2.3 version or also called as Gingerbread. HTC’s new phone is also pre-installed with the latest Sense version. Meanwhile, HTC’s official website for United States is already updated, and includes a link that can redirect visitors to “buy” the phone via T-Mobile’s official website. Surprisingly, the phone is not listed yet inside T-Mobile’s official Android line-up list. According to T-Mobile’s press release, the HTC Sensation 4G will sport a tag price of $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with 2 year contract agreement. HTC Sensation 4G is already available outside United States like in United Kingdom and other parts of Europe and Asia via multiple carriers. Other third-party resellers are also selling the phone’s unlocked version, but with a more expensive tag price.



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