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Apple May Be Readying A Polycarbonate iPhone Priced At $330

A number of rumors have surfaced regarding the upcoming iPhone offerings from Apple. Some claim that a larger iPhone is on its way while others speculate that Apple may finally be planning to release an iPhone mini. Now, a fresh report from Japan suggests that Apple is readying two distinct iPhone models, one of them featuring a polycarbonate body.

iPhone 5 Sales Still Lags Behind iPhone 4S Sales

Every time Apple release a new iPhone, its sales build up on the sales of earlier models and always outdo all previous sales records. However, in the case of iPhone 5, many analysts tend to think, this is not going to happen. Does that mean that the iPhone market has reached its limits?

Purported iPhone 5S Images Leaked

Now that we are well past the iPhone 5 launch, it is that time of the year when the rumors about the next iPhone start anew. Many have speculated that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 5S, following the tradition of iPhone 4S. And now, a forum has posted images of what it claims to be the 5S handset.
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