iPhone 5 Sales Still Lags Behind iPhone 4S Sales

Every time Apple release a new iPhone, its sales build up on the sales of earlier models and always outdo all previous sales records. However, in the case of iPhone 5, many analysts tend to think, this is not going to happen. Does that mean that the iPhone market has reached its limits?

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 sales don’t seem too extra-ordinary. This is being said in light of the sales figures about the new handset gathered from different sources. As a result of the speculations regarding the success of iPhone 5, Apple’s stock seems to have taken a significant hit, drowning more than 25% last month only to slightly revive later.

A fresh round of iPhone 5 sales’ analysis from a UBS analyst goes on to show that not many are optimistic about the future of iPhone 5. Steve Milunovich, the analyst, also claimed that according to his Chinese sources, iPhone 5 is not expected to do as well as iPhone 4S.

He further stated that Apple may be forced to cut down on the production volume of iPhone 5 units, given the slow sales. If that happens, Apple’s supply chain will be quick to cough it up and we’d know for sure that iPhone 5 sales have retarded.

Nonetheless, Apple may be readying to further warm up the arena with another iPhone handset during the next summers. However, even those speculations can further hurt iPhone 5 sales, forcing the customers to hold on until an expected iPhone 5S arrives.

Courtesy: BGR

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