Purported iPhone 5S Images Leaked

Now that we are well past the iPhone 5 launch, it is that time of the year when the rumors about the next iPhone start anew. Many have speculated that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 5S, following the tradition of iPhone 4S. And now, a forum has posted images of what it claims to be the 5S handset.

iPhone 5S

Naturally, we can’t confirm whether or not these images are real. From the looks of these allegedly leaked images, the device looks quite similar to iPhone 5. An ‘x’ on the backside of the device in question does seem to indicate that it is a prototype.

However, the insides of this purported iPhone 5S look different from the iPhone 5. For instance, the position of the screws is different and one can also discern some other minor hardware differences, at least as far as the placement is concerned.

iPhone 5S

In a way, it would make sense if the next iPhone does look quite similar to iPhone 5. After all, Apple didn’t significantly change much in iPhone 4S except adding some new features. If that next handset does turn out to be iPhone 5S, Apple may indeed pack it with more software features rather than new hardware.

Nonetheless, given the fierce competition in the smartphone market, Apple may no longer be able to pull off a less-than-major upgrade in the next iPhone. So for now, we will take this leak with a grain of salt.

Source: iPhone 5 Parts

Courtesy: CNET

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