World’s First Laser Pico Projector With 720HD Resolution

Microvision is a famous company in developing Pico Projector targeted with either as a standalone portable device or being integrated into mobile device such as the collaboration effort with Motorola.

In order to keep its market position the company has recently unveiled a next generation high end Laser Pico Projector that is claimed to be the world’s first that is able to scale and support up to 720HD resolution suitable to be used in multimedia and other usages.

Being designed in compact form factor as similar to its existing product lines, the new Pico projector utilizes proprietary HD PicoP display engine that can output 15 lumens of brightness uniformity while able to project vivid colors at 720p 1280 x 720 resolutions, which is around 200% greater than conventional broadcast TV channels.

Other specifications include the 5000:1 contrast ratio, infinite focus, wide throw angle and many more that makes it the industry first HD pico projector product in the market.

Interesting matter is that all these features are well designed with low power thermal envelope in mind for extended usage with true mobility, thanks to its built-in high optical efficiency as compared to other competitors’ solutions.

According to its spokesperson, the company plans to demonstrate this new HD capable pico projector during the upcoming The Society For Information Display annual conference held at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington on May 25-27th.Price has not fixed yet, the device will be commercialized by the second half of 2011.

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  1. Dave

    15 lumens is still really really low. How practical is this? I was thinking of getting a mini projector but the least I think will work is the M1 plus from Aaxa. It at least has 66 lumens. I mean, how much use is an HD projector if it's not bright enough to use? Here are the specs on the M1 I am considering:

  2. Richard

    I cannot wait to use this with our new ImageAMMO 3-D software which we currently use with the SHOWWX projector. The SHOWWX in its current version is wonderful. This software provides an Interactive 3-D PHOTO SHAPE DISPLAY with automatic rotation, MOVEMENT and transitions where you can see your whole collection of amazing photos in one simple and beautiful application. This is the new way to display your photos.

  3. LienDTK

    Well, good news for me, thanks!

  4. Vincentkeizers

    Is there any news about when this great product will be coming out?
    I really want to buy a pico projector but if it is not too long before Microvision brings it’s new pico projector i will wait for it!

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