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Sony PlayStation has been down some hours ago. It’s not clear exactly for what region it’s down. Sony PlayStation 3 owners in multiple regions (including North America, Europe, and Australia) are facing the inability to sign into the PlayStation Network online gaming service, corrupted user data and inability to play some games online or off. There’s no ETA on when things will get back to normal.

An user on a PlayStation forum says:

At least if it’s all of us it isn’t just a console issue. Just wondering how long it’l be. I HAVEN’T PLAYED GAMES FOR HALF HOUR NOW. I’M GOING TO KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

The problems are accompanied by the 8001050F error code. When they try to load up certain games — including the just-released Heavy Rain — they receive the error code and the following message: “Registration of the trophy information could not be completed.”

According to one user over at the official PlayStation boards, the error does not prevent him from using the Internet via his PS3, but logins have become nigh impossible. Several other users chimed in after that comment to report identical problems.

Engadget updated:

Sony’s tweeted that it’s “looking into it,” and our boys at Joy say that owners of original PS3s are seeing their clocks reset and even data loss in some cases. We’ll keep you updated.

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  On March 1, 2010(4 years, 1 month ago.)
  • hoss

    i’m in southeast missouri and having problems too with PSN.error code 80710A06…please get the thing back up people….

  • Ik

    Netherlands: Same issue!

  • JustCause4

    multiple people haven’t been able to get on psn all around my naborhood. This stinks soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KFHO95

    i have a slim and it still doesnt work, at least it isnt my console, but imma be really fucking pissed if it deletes my information

  • Scottthelke

    I wanna kill some fkn zombies online so I can rule on motha fuckas across the nation!! Its no fun playing with myself!! lol Its always better to have atleast 3 and even 4!!! The more the merrier and its not letting me connect to ps network!! Thats fkn bs I also lose my connection several times daily during the middle of kick ass games, I damn near through my ps3 through the tv. I was gna break record and be ranked in top 2000 in zombies and lost my connect!! Sony I should sue your asses for pain and suffering. Get that shit fixed asap or Im gna tape some dynamite to my ps3, blow it up and get an x box you rich bastards, make a reluiable product or I will see if this ps3 fits up your ass before I dynamite it with no lube!! Take hthat motha fuckin sony chink bastards!!! fix that shit you geek bastards!

  • Sthelke

    Well I say fuck a ps3!! Instead of playing games just smoke a big fat dubie of the best green you can get!!!! Fuck sony and the god damn government! This society is fucked!! legfalize the herb!! IT wld chnage the wrld and obviously its goin down the drain by the minute!! il spils, spick bastards juming borders smuggling drugs by the millions, muredderers running around killing people dail, I can go by a gallon of jack daniels and get crazy drunk but cant legally buy some sweedish cheeba! WTF? YOu get more time in prison for seeling dope then you do manslaughter!! Fk I cld go run somebody over and kill them and do less than 30 months in prison but if I selll a lil coke a get same punishment? What a waste of tax$ to house all these drug offenders. I say give them the state of texas and let that be a dif nation with dif laws whee all drug users and people who think USA is fkd can live!!! A nation of Anarchy where murder is still illegal but its s run by a dif form of government not by some rick dirty prostitute coke smoking politicians who lie and scam their way through life Talk is cheap, Get in the ring motha fuckas and I will kick all you bitchy lil assses. A Dr. can prescribe a powerful narcotic such as an 80 mg oxy contin but you cant get no herb from him? WTF in ten more years this nation will be done!! DONE DONE> SO pack up your arsenol and get rready to hold it down!

  • Califborn1965

    well i don’t have the code shown on this statement the one i have is 80710A06 it won’t let me sign in at all it’s pissing me off

  • Phillp_cod5

    Same here

  • Phillp_cod5

    Hell yeah bro the only solution is to smoke a fat ass fattie fuck this psn bullshit

  • Wasteoftime69

    80710A06. UK. Yesterday and today. Now code gone but says playstation network is undergoing maintenance. Guess Sony is onto it at last. Sort it out

  • Lilvikes

    im gona punch a baby

  • tommy tatts

    Still no Fuckin good needs to b fixed

  • GeoFlex

    If I lose my trophies again I will sue SCEA those bastards! I have had it with SHIT-NET-WORK! Hey Sony go Ride the Phony!!! I rather PAY TO PLAY ANYDAY! SCEA sucks donkey balls!

  • Biverstenaldermand

    hi. Biver_ here
    2 all the spoiled rotten and impatient kids addicted 2 ps3 onlining(as i am my-self)
    i can only say : be thankfull 2 sony that onlining is 4 free
    and have some patience with their desperate situation.
    we are their custumers and they dont wanna loose us 2 wii or xbollox.
    so they work as hard as they can 2 fix this as fast as posible
    wanna be angry at someone 4 this?
    -be angry at hackers that mAB responcable 4 this mess.
    not sony or sce.
    remeber – they giving us free service
    so no-one have rights 2 demand
    – 2 sony and sce : thx 4 what U provide 4 us
    and best luck solving this
    hope U catch the hackers who done this.

  • Anonymous

    this prophile foto is of my one and only true friend
    an alaskan malamute named Simba
    wont recommend this type of dog 2 anyone
    its a difficult handfull and its the dog that pays the price if
    the human responcable 4 it cant cope.
    half wolf. so instinkts very strong in this dog.
    they mostly very human-friendly but has no self-controle
    and easyly go too wild when happy.
    – about my-self : wanna stay half-anonymus in the shadows.
    dont trust anyone.-specially on the net.

  • DrFine

    I have been down for over a week. I will be looking into legal advice. If we can get a class action suit for lack of service, are there other play station users interested?

  • DrFine

    Just so everyone understand your contract with Playstation, when you purchase a PS unit for game playing you purchased it with the understanding you are provided FREE online gaming. This is the main reason we should start a class action suit for lack of performance to their contract. What do you think now? If I wanted a Xbox, I would have bought it, but I bought a playstation. So did each and everyone of the 14 million that during a holiday weekend was deprived.

  • Twbear53

    network down now for 7 days get error code80710092 when i try

  • JCW

    Sign me up…..

  • John

    Hey man soak it up at least it was free,give them time to fix it.It was not there fault,they been hacked,The same thing could happen to Xbox 360,What you going to sue them too?

  • Plh80611

    Havent played online n a while if i cant get on psn black ops ill get another sys and throw ps3 away

  • Plh80611

    Same here only reason i bought ps3 was free online play. Class action suit?

  • Cthring1

    Breathe people. Sony got hacked and PSN in down and has been for 10 days. US governement is looking into it as well in the next few days. Nothing the consumer can do…change your passwords on everything and make sure that your credit card has no weird charges…most of all…breathe. Life shall go on!

  • Yeknom42o

    Against what? Lack of FREE online gameing?

  • Yeknom42o

    Enjoy the pay to play consoles then.

  • Random

    Dammit I just bought a ps3 the day before this shit happened!!!!

  • Brians_bmw

    I see you’ve found ur match…u fuckin pussy

  • Ironblade

    Punch your self dork

  • Nicholas Michael Neal

    still down here in corpus christi, tx not sure why.. error code 80710092 network signs me out. guess everyone will have to do something else sunday morning.

  • Nicholas Michael Neal

    still down here in corpus christi, tx not sure why.. error code 80710092 network signs me out. guess everyone will have to do something else sunday morning.

  • Dan

    Guys this article is from last year. It has nothing to do with the current crisis.

  • Noor Chhabra

    i am from the region of india so does it mean that i cannot register my psp -3004 please take it as a feed back and send an email on

  • Zdro1216

    Its from today! look it up right

  • Zdro1216

    Its from today! look it up right

  • Tri

    Putos chi gen a su puta madre idiotas otra vez los jaquearon por idiotas

  • Tri

    Putos chi gen a su puta madre idiotas otra vez los jaquearon por idiotas

  • Antoniolara3000

    Damn I’m tired of this down stuff. Too often. Everyone should just go Xbox. I herd they don’t have this kind of issues.

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  • security shield 2011 virus

    I don’t play PS3 for a long time.

  • Moparman7400

     Nope.  Their consoles just overheat, shut down and display the RROD.  I run the HELL out of my PS3 and it has not failed me once in over a year!!  My son’s XBOX360 has died twice in the same time span.  Go for it!

  • Moparman7400

    Ironic that they are scheduled to FINALLY release the 1.4 patch for Skyrim today and KABLOOEY!!! Network goes down.  Update too epic for the servers?  A bit weird.

  • Scottcandlish

    So glad its not my ps3 console the psn is getting to be a joke now

  • Jhammanjr

    During game play i recieve a message that im not logged in. Then it shuts down and i loose all of my kills/achievements for that session. Its really pissing me off. I re sign in and it lets me play, then BAM gives same error code.80710092. Anybody else having this issue?(feb14)

  • Chancesvoice

    Im having similar issues. I get error code 80710092. I’ve restarted and even unpugged ps3 then restarted but it won’t let me sign in. 

  • Ryan Oakley33725

    Yea having same issue playing nba 2k12.

  • Jhammanjr

    Same here. Its pissing me off big time! At least its not our ps3. Ugggggggg :/

  • maco11878

    me 2 well not happy

  • maco11878

    who long has it been like this was on last night

  • maco11878

    got a error code 80710092 wat ever that means

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