Angry Birds Rio Get Carnival Episode Update

Angry Birds Rio getting a new episode soon called Carnival, another new bird included and the new episode will come with 15 more levels for you to enjoy that are all carnival themed. Expect to see marmosets, balloons, colourful decorations to be among the items in this episode to give a bit more of a party theme to the game and the new episode isn’t the only thing included in the update…………


Good news Angry Birds fans, as a new update for Angry Birds Rio is now available for the iPhone and it includes a new bird type and 15 new levels, it’s Rovio collaborating with a major movie to build a game out of its juggernaut franchise. The feather-flinging developer has released the latest chunk of Angry Birds Rio for iOS and new bird to chuck at those pesky monkeys. Angry Birds Rio sees your angered birdies, who must now be seriously furious – escape their captors in the magical city of Rio de Janeiro and not to leave a good bird behind, the remaining avian must save their two macaw friends Blu and Jewel. Angry Birds Rio update bringing 15 new levels and new Carnival Upheaval levels have so far seemingly only been released for iPhones in the Amazon Appstore in the United States. Download new update of Angry Birds Rio.


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