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Protector: The Planes is the first iPhone version of famous Protector series. Protector: The Planes is the newest game in a mega hit tower defense series played over 50,000,000 times. Here we bring its review and chance to win 10 free Promo Codes in colaboration with ZigZaGame Inc. based in Tokyo, Japan.

Protector: The Planes is Published by NTT Resonant Inc.. Its medieval fantasy themed tower defense game with a focus on unit upgrades and strategic placements of warriors and magicians. Since its first release in 2008, Protector series has been played over 50 million times on the PC. Protector 4 is ranked in the top 25 games on ( has over 30,000 flash games with 10 million monthly visitors). Protector: The Planes is the 5th entry in the series released only for iOS.


Vast armies of evil march against you as fireballs and poison clouds fly overhead. Assemble an army of wizards and warriors, and bring all your magic and steel to bear against your foes. Protector: The Planes is the latest game in an epic tower defense series which has been played over 50 million times! Over 30% larger than the original version, Protector: The Planes contains amazing new features never before seen in the series. Unleash devastating super-powers such as the meteor strike, blizzard, poison nova and chain lightning to name a few. Employ the fearsome Chaos Knight once you have conquered the mortal realms. Experience 10 planar battles each with new game-play elements that drastically alter the strategies that work well in the mortal realms!


1. 5 basic units and 5 advanced units to unlock
2. 32 maps to conquer
3. 10 superpowers to unlock
4. Over 20 hours of game play
5. Over 40 different enemies to encounter


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.


This is probably worlds one of the best tower game. And its already clear lots of people love Protector Series very much. 50 million is not an small number. This iPhone version is not an exception. This game is developed by best telented game developer and iOS apps specialist. They did not built it in over night. Thats why it took some time, but after all time has paid off. We have got greatest tower game.

In Protector: The Planes you take part in building a line of defense using super-powered medieval warriors. You are provided an initial five basic units with five extra unlockable advanced units. Before a wave to unleashed upon you, there’s a summary of the creature’s required hit-points, gold pieces you’ll gain by killing, experience you’ll obtain, plus the monster’s strengths and weaknesses. There are opportunities to place units before the battle is waged, between waves and at any other time by pausing the game by tapping on the dagger in the bottom-right. Tap-and-drag a unit to the desired location to add it to your army. Upgrade characters by simply tapping on them, which can be performed during active or paused condition. If you have enough gold, just tap on the Level-Up icon and select which attributes you want to improve. Allowing an enemy unit to reach its destination will result in the loss of one health point. Your health and gold indicators are located in the bottom-left of the screen. Once you’ve successfully conquerred all of the waves of enemy creatures, you’ll unlock new maps to embark on defending. There are 32 total maps and 40 different enemies to test your strategy skills.


Screen Shoot:

protector planes win 150x150 A Chance To Win A Protector: The Planes Promo Code With A Retweet Or Commentprotector planes screen1large 150x150 A Chance To Win A Protector: The Planes Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment protector planes screen2large 150x150 A Chance To Win A Protector: The Planes Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

protector planes screen3large 150x150 A Chance To Win A Protector: The Planes Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

protector planes screen4large 150x150 A Chance To Win A Protector: The Planes Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment
protector planes screen5large 150x150 A Chance To Win A Protector: The Planes Promo Code

iTune Link:

PC Version examples on (each version is available on hundreds of sites, not just on Kongregate)
1. Protector:
2. Protector II:
3. Protector III:
4. Protector IV:

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