Finally Fring Updates iPhone Applications

Fring Updates iPhone App to Allow Free Video Calls and VoIP via 3G. So now you can use video call and VoIP over iPhone.This announcement means iPhone fring users can now make free voice and video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi internet access, and, depending on their access and preferences at any given time, easily switching between the two to stay connected any time, anywhere.

If the idea of talking to the camera at the back of your iPhone and then turning your iPhone as soon as you’ve spoken to see the person you’re talking to, sounds cool to you, then you might be glad to know that Fring has just enabled video calling and VoIP through 3G on their iPhone app.

“fring users and our team alike are very excited that Apple Inc. have allowed independent iPhone VoIP applications over 3G networks, letting users make voice and video calls over whichever internet access suits their needs at any given place and time.” Avi Shechter, Co-Founder & CEO of fring continued, “This decision reflects the trend we have enjoyed over the past four years, as incredible devices and fring’s rapidly developing technologies let our users communicate and share social internet experiences over their preferred internet access points wherever they are.”

Fring was not the first iPhone app developer who immediately took advantage of iPhone’s decision to allow VoIP calls on the iPhone. A few days ago, iCall also went live, allowing free VoIP calls for iPhone users through 3G.

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