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I am going to feature you some extra-ordinary lighting photographs by French Calligraphy Artist Julien Breton aka Kaalam. The artist mesmerizingly used long exposure technique with the incorporation of light projection & electric torches with unbelievable precision and care which actually created some overwhelming set of characters. Kaalam inspired by the classical calligraphy which emphasizes Arabian style. The photographs can be done with any skillful tricks in front of camera or using high-end graphical interface to create these symbols but self-taught artists here only used light paintings to draw the symbols. The artist did this without the help of any software or Photoshop tricks or superimposed subjects or any sort of post-production editing.

"Intimite" - Calligraphy by Julien Breton aka Kaalam | Photography by David Gallard

Kaalam used to learn calligraphy at the age of 7. The self-taught artist is attracted by the Arabian language which he can’t speak well. Through light calligraphy, he tries to develop Latin alphabets close to the aesthetics of certain styles of Arabic calligraphy.

"Under the city" - Calligraphy by Julien Breton aka Kaalam | Photography by David Gallard

The artist skillfully used the long exposure technique & the light painting such a way that only the movement and the trail of the lights are visible, not the person doing it. Some of the photographs take as long as ten minutes which requires a choreographed movement. Different colors of ‘ink’ are achieved through pigmented gelatin which is applied directly onto the lamps. None of the photographs are retouched or edited, just taken in a single shot with long exposure.

"The Movement" - Calligraphy by Julien Breton aka Kaalam | Photography by David Gallard

Hope you will enjoy the works of the artist. You can visit his website here & his Flickr link. Want to hear some feedback from you in our comment section.

"Maxime Coste" - Calligraphy by Julien Breton aka Kaalam | Photography by David Gallard


Photo Credits: Kaalam Flickr link, DesignBoom, TheCoolist, Twistedsifter

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