Robots Saving Lives By Detecting and Disposing Bombs

As hidden bombs or mines can’t be seen through bare eyes, they are very dangerous. It can kill or injure people especially the soldiers in the battle ground. Though implementing ‘GREMLIN‘ process, a robot which is strapped with a sensor can detect a bomb in a very safe and secure way by blasting the ground with sound waves, but still the homemade bombs which is also known as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) IEDs have injured 60% of all U.S. military in Iraq and have killed more than 21,000 Iraqi civilians. However, due to these incidents, Iraqi police have bought 16 remote-controlled ‘TALON‘ robots for $100,000 from QinetiQ North America.

QinetiQ North America, a Virginia-based technology company, has made different types of robots which are experts in different sectors. The unmanned Talon robots are outfitted with night vision and CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) detection kits. With the kits, the robots can identify more than 7,500 environmental hazards, including radiation, toxic chemicals, possible explosions and volatile gases.

Talon robots have 4 cameras at different places on its body and are operated by a controller from distance. An operator can identify or locate IEDs within 2,500 feet around the robot using its 4 cameras. The gripper arm of the robot can easily dismantle the IEDs. It can also detect sound, temperature, and air quality. Here are some images of different types of Talon Robots for you.

“Talons can be blown up and repaired about a dozen times before being decommissioned,” says Ed Godere, QinetiQ North America’s senior vice president of unmanned systems.

Check out the video below where U.S. soldiers are using QinetiQ North America’s TALON robots to locate and disarm roadside bombs and IEDs in Iraq.

The Talon robot can bring the latest technology for detecting IEDs for the military forces of any country. Especially it would be of a great use to the United States military who often dies for hidden bombs or mines.

For more information about Talon robots, click here.

Source : Koyazaka
Special Thanks To : Inhabitat

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