Beats Trying To Launch Daisy Music Streaming Service Bundled With AT&T

According to CNET, audio gear-maker Beats Electronics is working on carrier partnerships for its much-anticipated music streaming service. According to the report, Beats is currently in talks with AT&T over a possible tie-in.

Beats Pill-Shaped Speaker, image

Jimmy Iovine, the co-founder and CEO of Beats Electronics, have been talking to major music levels and AT&T over the last few weeks. Beats is trying to offer Daisy, name of Beats’s music streaming service, bundled with AT&T’s data plan. This could help Daisy gain more audience quickly.

Beats is likely to offer free access to music for a period and will try to convert them into paying customers. According to people faimilar with the matter, the current agenda on the table is how much the free music to offer and how the costs will be beared.

Beats is trying to bring a twist with its Daisy music streaming service. The service will have playlists curated by artists, DJs, and others with deep knowledge and experience in producing music.

The thing to see is how the whole package is bundled.

Source: CNET

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