Best Buy Finally Starts Offering OLED TVs From LG

OLED TVs are considering the next big thing in display technology. They pack stunning graphics because of their ability to display super-saturated colors and at the same time, are unbelievably thin and light. After a lot of wait and anticipation, LG has finally made its OLED TVs available through Best Buy.


LG is currently offering 55-inch OLED TVs which come with a fairly steep price tag of $15,000. The company has chosen Best Buy as the official retail partner through which the new breed of displays will be made available and sold. Initially, the line-up has been made available at the Best Buy Magnolia Design Center store in Richfield. And it is being expected that the availability will be extended to other Best Buy locations around the country.

The steep prices of the OLED TVs have raised eyebrows and many have cited that consumers may shy away from them. However, LG seems hopeful of the prospects of the new display technology.

According to the company’s senior vice president for home entertainment in USA, Jay Vandenbree, “What consumers tell us more often than anything else is they want the best picture possible. We know that when they see a better picture, they migrate to the product. This will be the best viewing experience in 55 inches that they can get. I think they will see that.”

OLED TVs offer 1080p resolution and are nearly a mere 4-millimeter thick. This makes them an excellent choice for such consumers who would want to go for larger displays. At the same time, they weigh 38 pounds, which is a lot lighter when compared to the last generation of TV sets.

It remains to be seen how well-placed at LG’s hopes. Sales of larger displays have historically been rather small and when compounded with a steep price, it may be even smaller. Let’s see how LG overcomes these odds to make ample profit.

Courtesy: USA Today

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