Best Ways to Effectively Waste your Time Online

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How much time do you spend on the internet? Wait, let us rephrase the question. How often do you stay offline? According to a survey, people from the top two internet crazy nations, spend 5.2 hours daily surfing the web. 

Despite this huge online presence, most of us visit the same websites we prefer over others. We visit Facebook and Youtube over and over again hoping that someone posted something new. But there are thousands of websites which can be given the title of best websites to waste time. These websites host great content which will definitely give you great joy.

Best Websites to Waste Time


best websites to waste time

WaitButWhy is a blogging site. You can expect to see new blogs published every week. Tim Urban and Andrew Finn founded the website. But Tim is the one who does the writing and illustration of the articles. He writes about religion, science, teenage problems and pretty much everything else.

You can start reading their content by starting with this- The Procrastination Matrix. You can even start by watching the Ted talk given by Tim Urban-Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.

The Oatmeal

best websites to waste time

The Oatmeal is a great site to kill time. Some of the content there is entirely presented through info-graphics. You will not feel bored to read the same article twice. It is that amusing! If you have never read any of their content, start from their Comic section.


best websites to waste time

The previous two picks were blog sites. But for those of you who hate the activity i.e. reading, the next two picks are just for you.

Now let’s start with Imgur. Answer this, do you open Facebook just to see new memes? Well, you are doing it wrong. Imgur collects all the viral memes of the week and places them in one place. Can Facebook do it? No!

Imgur is the perfect place for meaningless scrolling. Ironically, 250+ Million people visit this website every month. that is because their content is outright amusing!

You can also set up an account and rate their content. If you have not visited their website before, a good idea would be to first check their most viral section when you do so.

Animal Planet Kitten and Puppy Cams

Too sensitive for the eyes! This site is a great way to cheer yourself up and get recharged. It hosts a live stream of pet animals from the pet shelters in the USA. You can see kittens playing and do cute stuff online. The Internet is turning us into creeps!


best websites to waste time

You can expect to find articles about pretty much everything. And what do these articles contain? The name says it all. This website contains articles that illustrate how things work. Starting with science, lifestyle, and animals, you will find articles on everything.

The Onion

best websites to waste time

They started their journey back in 1988 and still doesn’t fail to give a good laugh. This website contains mainly satirical writeups. You can even sign up for their newsletters. Expect to find writeups on Politics, Sports, Entertainment and so on.

Virtual Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is in the Vatican, the official residence of Pope. The Chapel is famous for its ceiling where Michelangelo created one of the greatest religious arts. It is said that Michelangelo used wooden scaffolding which allowed him to stand upright and reach above his head. Whatever the technique used to create the artwork, it remains as one of the greatest attractions. Luckily you don’t need to visit the Vatican to get a view of the Chapel. You can visit the Virtual Sistine Chapel and see the artworks in a 360-degree view.


best websites to waste time

Gifs have been around for long. But still, new Gif popup every day on the internet. If you are a GIF fan, you have to visit this website.

This website is lit! Once you are on the website, use the search bar to type in random phrases. And sure enough, you will find enough Gifs take up your screen. You will also see similar search phrases you might want to use at the top of the website. Additionally, you will also see trending search phrases on the left side of the website.  Similarly, you can create or upload your own GIFs.

Wrapping up

We will finish the blog with a bonus. There is a cool website that shows the best Space pictures. You cannot expect to kill time on the website. But why not use it for feeding the mind only? Click here to visit Astronomy Picture of the Day. 

Want to learn more about space? There are online applications that let you see the exact position of every satellite ever launched. Read our blog ‘See All Live Satellites Orbiting The Earth Online!’ to learn more.

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