[Image & Video] Some Of The Biggest Pranks Of This Year Made By Tech Companies

April Fools’ Day is an opportunity for misfits, pranksters and even the media to pull some legs and cause brows to furrow. Every year, tech companies unveil new April Fools’ Day fake announcements. Some are impressively comprehensive; some are frankly painful. Today, we have brought the most notable April Fools’ Day tech prank spoilers of 2014. Hope, you’ll enjoy it.

April Fool's Day

Match Of The Day: Love Through Shopping

Australia’s number one online shopping group The Catch Group has mentioned that it is trying to expand its business by adding a new dating site named Match of the Day to its portfolio which will match couples by their shopping habits across the Group’s websites.


According to The Catch Group, “Match of the Day keeps things simple by matching you with one potential partner everyday at midday. There’ll be no more arguments about choosing what chocolate to buy or what branded toothpaste couples prefer as Match of the Day will find you your perfect match. So, there’s no need to spend time scrolling through a list of potential partners or navigating convoluted dating websites. Customers just need to input what gender and age they’re after and Match of the Day will do the rest.”

Note: If you sign up on the spoof site, you will be told: “Your details have been passed onto Dexter. He will let you know as soon as he finds a perfect match for you.”

The Gmail Shelfie

Google has made Gmail Shelfie, a theme based on a selfie which you can share with others. Gmail Shelfie is built on the idea that you shouldn’t be selfish with your selfie. With just a few clicks, your mom, your aunt, or that girl you have a crush on can set your Shelfie as their Gmail theme so that they can enjoy checking, reading, and writing emails while seeing your friendly face in the background.


And to avail the service, according to Google, you have to open or refresh Gmail on the desktop and share it with your friends. The search giant has also mentioned that if you’re looking for inspiration, you can set your theme to Gmail’s top trending Shelfies. Don’t fall into the trap.

Google’s Pokémon Challenge

Google has kicked off the tech world’s annual round of April Fools’ Day gags with a Pokemon Challenge. Last Monday, the tech company’s LatLong blog announced an update for the Android and iPhone versions of Google Maps that lets users go around and you have to catch all the Pokemon.


Users can play the game by first updating their Google Maps app, then tapping on the search bar at the top of the screen. Below it, a small Pokeball icon will appear next to the words “Press Start” – users must tap there. The app will take users to the location of the Pokemon Lab, which will be surrounded by Pokemon that users can tap to catch.


Here’s a video of Google’s Pokemon Challenge. The video says people who will find all of the Pokémon in time will be invited to the Googleplex to participate in the final round of hiring. The winner supposedly will start his or her job as Pokémon Master on Sept. 1, 2014. Lol …

World’s First Pet-powered Mobile Broadband Solution – Pet-Fi


iiNet is the leading challenger in Australia’s telecommunications market. The company has launched Pet-Fi, which it claims, is the latest innovation in Wi-Fi technology and the “world’s first pet-powered mobile broadband solution.” According to iiNet, Pet-Fi is powered by your pet’s kinetic energy generated by movement and there is no need to charge batteries.


With a range of 30 meters, and a handy small electric shock feature which encourages your pet to stay within range, Pet-Fi allows customers to access iiNet’s superfast 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks at home or on the go. iiNet has mentioned that Pet-Fi not only represents a revolution in connectivity, but also an opportunity to save energy and reduce impact on the environment.

Kogan’s Drone-Powered NBN

Australian online retailer Kogan has unveiled its latest innovation – the Kogan Drone Broadband Network (DBN). It’ll use drones in the sky to deliver faster internet for all Australians, replacing the need for the National Broadband Network (NBN).


The Kogan DBN is lightning fast. It literally transports data from point to point faster than any other series of tubes. Gaining access to the new DBN is simple. All you need is to have a portable hard drive ready for the drone to pick up. The drones are already in the air waiting to serve your high speed broadband needs.


To persuade people, the company has iterated that we wanted to “make a cool video showing how the DBN works,” but as “we wanted to deliver a broadband network on time and on budget, so we just made an image instead.”

KFC’s ‘Mouth Expander’

Mighty Burger and Average Size Of Human Mouth

KFC burgers are really delicious. But lately KFC has claimed that it has made such a big burger called Mighty Burger which is “too big for the average mouth.” According to KFC, the Mighty Burger stands a glorious 62 mm tall and the average human mouth only opens to 49 mm.

KFC's Mouth Expander

Therefore, the company’s R&D team is now collaborating with Australia’s leading orthodontists to develop a simple device which will make your mouth bigger. Isn’t that funny? Check out the video below.


Optus Launches Dog-texting App – Fidophone

Optus has launched Fidophone – a dog-texting app. Fidophone will allow your dog to text you through both Android and iOS platforms. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play. See the video below.


Optus has said in the statement, “Designed for any domestic dog, the at-home handset allows your pet to answer your call with any one of six pre-programmed messages, including ‘Hey Dad, I love you’ and ‘Come and play with me’. It also gives them the ability to call you if they need you, or if they just want to say they miss you.”

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