Jordan Approves Star Trek Inspired Theme Park

The Star Trek franchise has fans all over the globe. However, it is rather interesting to note that the franchise has also won hearts of many a state functionaries. For instance, King Abdullah of Jordan has turned out to be a huge Star Trek fan and has approved a Star Trek inspired theme park in Jordan.

Star Trek park

Given the fact that King Abdullah is taking a personal interest in the project, it is no wonder that the theme park is going to be a huge project. According to estimates, the total costs of building the theme park will clock around $1.5 billion.

However, the highlight of this project is that the theme park will be powered up entirely through renewable energy resources. Since Jordan is usually known as a sunny country, it is expected that the Jordanian authorities will be focusing on solar power to juice up the theme park.

The entire theme park will cover an area of 74 hectares and will include a number of other major facilities such as a 4-star hotel and a number of environmental zones. It will be pitched up at Aqaba, a small coastal town in Jordan.

For those of you who are avid Star Trek fans, you may want to book your flights to Jordan in a year or two as soon as the project reaches its completion.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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