MWC 2013: Sony Unveils Portable Wireless Server And Personal Content Station

Personal storage space is a complicated riddle in today’s mobile world. Users want to have a healthy-sized personal storage and also the ability to access and share content from it as quickly as possible. Sony has tried to resolve this problem by offering two solutions: a Portable Wireless Server and a Personal Content Station.

Sony Personal Content Station

The idea behind these two products is to allow the users store content at a central location so that they can eventually access that content from multiple devices without any hassles. We’ll see below how the two products try to accomplish that.

Personal Content Station
Personal Content Station (PCS) is essentially your one-stop storage station which comes with 1TB of storage space. You can push your content to PCS in two basic ways – you can either download its app on your mobile device and transfer the content wirelessly through NFC’s one-touch option; alternatively, you can plug in a USB and do the data transfer.

PCS comes with HDMI and HD video playback ports and has an integrated video transcoder. Another intriguing feature in PCS is that you can access content stored on PCS via, say, a mobile device and share it from PCS without actually pulling the content on your own mobile device. For your mobile device to be compatible with PCS apps, it must run Android 2.3 or later or, for the iOS users, iOS 6.0 or later.

Portable Wireless Server
The Portable Wireless Server(PWS) essentially comes with the dual functionality of storing and transmitting data wireless as well as serving as the backup powering source for your mobile device.

To store data in the PWS, you need to include an SD card. Once the card, with the content, is inserted into PWS, that content can then be accessed on your mobile devices via the PWS app. Alternatively, you can plug in a USB containing the content and then have the PWS transmit that content wirelessly.

At a given time, up to eight users can be served by PWS at once. The device is especially useful for professionals who are regularly on the go and have to often share content with multiple people. Sony promises that the device delivers 10 hours of audio playback on a single charge.

So far, Sony hasn’t revealed the pricing or availability details of either of the two devices. As soon as these details are out, we’ll let you know.

Source: Sony

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