Netflix Gives A Glimpse Of Family Profiles, HD And 3D Streaming

Netflix users have long been demanding the company to provide a feature which enables individual family members to set up their own profiles. The company has apparently pay heed to the requests as it afforded a preview of the family profiles feature during CES 2013. It also gave a glimpse of the Super HD and 3D streaming soon coming to Netflix users.

Netflix family profiles

The family profiles feature from Netflix has come after a long wait indeed. It essentially enables individual family members to set up their own profiles and add their own recommendations and queues to it. Users can either set up their individual profiles directly on their devices or can navigate to the Netflix website and set them up there.

Another highlight of Netflix’s booth at CES 2013 was the Super HD 1080p streaming. The quality of the streaming is certainly a lot better than before and Netflix will be supporting a number of US ISPs to provide high-quality streaming to the users.

The company also showed off the addition of 3D streaming, which is an excellent new feature. However, 3D streaming will certainly require a connection which doesn’t pause the streaming for a second or the whole fun of a 3D video is tarnished by such a minor glitch.

Netflix is boasting that it already has a sizable repository of 3D content from which the users can choose to their liking. It also intends to launch a number of exclusive and original series of its own in the coming days, so Netflix users can gear up for a year of great Netflix content ahead.

Courtesy: Engadget

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