New Jay-Z Album Comes To Galaxy Devices 3 Days Early, Free

Samsung has applied a neat trick which will help it market an app very successfully. In order to push a new app to Galaxy devices, Samsung is offering the brand new Jay-Z album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail‘ for free. The album will be available to the first 1 million Galaxy device owners who download the app.


The offer is valid for all users who own a Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 or a Galaxy Note 2 handset. However, it is valid only for the first one million downloads after which, we suspect, Samsung will be charging the customers for the new app.

The biggest incentive that Galaxy device owners will have in downloading the app is that not only do they get the new Jay-Z album for free, they also get it three days ahead of every one else. In other words, it is like getting exclusive music content from one of the leading hip-hop artists for free.

The app will be made available by Samsung come June 24 and is seen as the company’s attempt to gain more traction, specifically in the U.S. market. Samsung’s chief rival, Apple, still leads by a huge margin when it comes to the content ecosystem it offers. So while Samsung has a lot of catching up to do, such exclusive deals may be the way to go forward.

Interestingly, Samsung is paying up $5 per free download for the album. The company will be coughing up a neat $5 million for the first one million copies it is offering for free. Such a lucrative deal essentially means that ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ has become a highly successful album even before it has been released.

Courtesy: CNET

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