[Video] Watch The Funny And Very First Angry Birds Toons Episode – Chuck Time

Angry Birds maker Rovio announced on March 11 that its long-awaited animated television series, Angry Birds Toons, would launch on March 16. As promised, Angry Birds Toons episode streamed on air on time. Here we have got the first episode – Chuck Time.

Angry Birds Toons

Rovio promised that it will telecast a total of 52 Angry Birds Toons episodes, each lasting about three minutes, and will be available on a variety of devices. The very first episode of Angry Birds Toons’ Chuck Time is a two minute forty six second video. Chuck Time showcases Chuck the yellow bird’s apparent ability to slow down time in a superbly hilarious manner. In this episode, Chuck attempts to break the Red bird’s fall off a cliff, which Chuck himself accidentally caused. It’s a well-made and funny episode. Trust me, you can’t control yourself from laughing. Here is the video.

Each week, a brand new episode of Angry Birds Toons will be telecast. The next episode of Angry Birds Toons is “Where’s MY CROWN?” People will be able to watch all episodes of Angry Birds Toons with any Angry Birds app they have installed on their iOS devices as soon as they are telecast. In addition, people can watch ‘Meet the Flock,’ in which the different characters in the series, both avian and porcine, are introduced, and ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos featuring supervising director Eric Guaglione and the rest of the Angry Birds Toons team.

Having watched and enjoyed the first one, we are looking forward to watch the next episode.

Source: YouTube
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