Alpha 2: Bring The First Humanoid Robot For Your Family

Alpha 2 is the world’s very first humanoid robot who could be friends and new member of the whole family. This robot is intelligent like smartphone but it can walk and talk as well as learn and engage with the human.


UBTECH Robotics Corporation has introduced interactive and expandable humanoid robot Alpha 2 what everyone dreamed as kids. In reality, this robot can be part of your family and contribute the real support which surprisingly comes with an affordable price.

In this advanced world, we are always depending on technology and looking for shortest way to do everything we need. Alpha 2 will astonish you with it’s incredible capability of doing things that you have just dream about. This humanoid robot can act as:

  • Housekeeper: It can give you reminder and alarm services for entire family. Besides it can help you with cooking, home repairs and other chores.
  • Tutor & Interpreter: Alpha 2 has got super inter activeness and it’s conversation still is incredible.
  • >Home Guard: It can control your security system as well as manage all of the smart home appliances you have in your house.
  • Weatherman: It will keep showing you the latest forecast of weather and temperature of your house.
  • Nurse: It will remind you about medication time and basic suggestion about first aid issues.
  • Personal Assistant: Alpha 2 will make call for you and check voicemail on behalf of you. It can also send text message, email, notification and do so many other things that your human assistant would do.
  • Storyteller: It can entertain your kids by telling story at night which can give you some space.
  • Yogi: It has 20 joints to replicate the human motion, so its super flexible as yogi.
  • Entertainer: It can help you to take picture or capture video, so you will get the third hand from now. Along with that, Alpha 2 can entertain you as DJ, singer or dancer.
  • You can get this humanoid robot right now and save 53% as it will cost only $729 USD on Indiegogo campaign but it will actually cost $1499 from next month.

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