Witness An Exciting Table Tennis Match Between A German Champion vs A Robot!

You might have witnessed many amazing and exciting table tennis matches and I believe, that all of them were man vs man. How about this time witnessing an exciting table tennis game between a man vs a robot? You heard me right! A 32-year-old German table tennis champion is going to face off against a ping pong-playing robot next month.

Table Tennis Match Between Man vs Robot

Germany’s table tennis champion Timo Boll is currently ranked no.8 in the world rankings. He is a left-handed player whose best weapon is his forehand topspin drive. Boll is also noted for his extremely quick backhand loop. He is also a new “brand ambassador” for KUKA Robotics in China.

However, KUKA has created a robot named “Agilus” which the company claims is the fastest robot in the world, and it can play table tennis very well. In order to show the world the competence level of the robot, KUKA has organized a table tennis match between Agilus and Timo Boll. The match will take place on March 11, and you’ll be able to watch it online. You can check the event’s official site for more info. Here’s the promo video for you.

Source: Business Insider

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