Researchers Invented Urine-Powered Robots

Earlier we have seen researchers creating brain cells from urine and a mobile phone charger that will able to charge mobile phones with human urine. It seems like pee has become a vital element to develop or create something. However, in continuation to the urine-powered things, lately researchers have found a way to power future robots using urine.

Robot Made From Pee

According to researchers of the University of the West of England, Bristol and the University of Bristol, they have built a system that will enable robots to function without batteries or being plugged into an electrical outlet. The system is designed to pump urine (no matter whether it’s human urine or animal urine) into the robot’s ‘engine room.’ The ‘engine room’ can hold a maximum of 24.5 ml of urine.

However, ‘engine room’ is the place where the waste (here, it means urine) will be converted into electricity and will enable the robot to function completely on its own. To be more specific, the “microorganisms work inside microbial fuel cells” will convert the metabolized organics into “carbon dioxide and electricity.” Apart from this, the robotic system will also be able to create power by using rotten fruit and vegetables, dead flies, waste water and sludge.

Peter Walters, a researcher with the University of the West of England, has said, “In the city environment, they could re-charge using urine from urinals in public lavatories. In rural environments, liquid waste effluent could be collected from farms.”

However, in future, if robots are ever made using urine, then according to scientists, those robots can be called ‘EcoBots.’

Source: National Monitor

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