Best iPhone Games In 2018 That You Might Have Missed

Games that you can't help but enjoy!

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Who says playing games on your phone is bad? Yes, it is, when you start playing games all day long. But it’s totally worth it when you are enjoying yourself.

Here is our pick for the hottest games out there. Feel free to visit their official page on iTunes for more details.

Alto’s Adventure

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Compared with other racing games Alto’s Adventure will not bore you with predictable game tracks. The entire game uses high mountains and fresh clouds as its backdrop while displaying metrics like the distance-traveled at the left top side of the screen. This game is available for both iOS and Android. One advice, use your earphones while playing this game, the background music is downright magical.



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This game takes place in an industrial jungle. The entire backdrop of the game will give you a ghostly vibe. And the occasional arrival of large spiders will not fail to want to take your earphones off. The entire game has no dialogue.


Go Fish

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Compared with other games where you are required to remember a handful of controls, Go Fish will ask you to do only one thing- catch as many fish as you can. As you start earning more cash, you get to go deeper into the sea. You know what that means right- more fish!

Arena of Valor

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Some might say Arena of Valor is the best MOBA game for iOS. This game has a 5 against 5, 3 against 3 and 1 against 1 mode. One of the problems with such a multiplayer game is, they are time-consuming.

Many similar games might force you to stare at the screen with nothing happening. But matches in Arena of Valor are just 10 minutes long, which means you can join and finish a match on the go.

AG Drive

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Here are the key aspects of this game that will make you keep playing – you drive an anti-gravity craft on futuristic tracks. If you like playing racing games that defy the laws of physics, then this is the perfect pick for you.


Furthermore, the graphics of the game will never get too boring. And no worries, you will have multiple hovercrafts to pick from.

Wrapping Up!

Did you find the game you were looking for? There are a ton of other games as well. Here is a blog on Must have iPhone Apps For Fun AR Experience! Also, do let us know what blogs you want us to cover in the future.

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