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Games And Apps To Keep Your Kid Quiet For A While

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You are in busy by work or doing some work. But your kid is disturbing your valuable work. So you need to keep your kid quiet by giving something. Nowadays kids love gadgets. If you give them a tablet or smartphone, they will get hooked. They will forget the surrounds and will spend hours with the gadgets. But you need to look after what they are doing as not that all apps and content are not good for the kids. So we need to let them use some suitable apps and games. Today we are about to show you some games and apps that will keep your kid quiet for a while and help them to developer their brain. Let’s get started:


This app will give you about 90 type of games. Those games are suitable for every little kid. This app features Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train, Odd Squad, Arthur and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This app has made for learning some good things especially science and maths.

Age restriction: 2-8 Download Link: Android | iOS

Little Stars – Toddler Games

This is a very popular app that offering your kid some good mini-games. All of this games have an educational element. This app features counting fingers, learning numbers, identifying shapes and colors and farm animal flashcards.

Age restriction: 2 and up Download Link: iOS

Watching video


If the game doesn’t work for your kid then the video is the second option. PBS KIDS Video is an award-winning app. It is designed for a safe, child-friendly viewing experience for kids of all ages. By using wifi you can access this app anywhere.

Age restriction: 8 and under Download Link: Android | iOS


This app gives you a taste of children tv service. TV shows include “Sesame Street,” “Moshi Monsters,” and “Fireman Sam”. You can also download that shows so that it can be used as offline videos.

Age restriction: 5 and under Download Link: Android | iOS


FarFaria Stories

FarFaria Stories is a book service. 900+ book has in their library. All of the books are for kids. The app interface is very simple so that kids can run this app very easily.

Age restriction: 1-9 and under Download Link: Android | iOS

Speakaboos – Kids Reading App

Speakaboos is a free-trial app that will let you to 200 different type of stories. This app is the best choice for altering the gaming option. The kid can read nursery rhymes and different type of songs. So this app is suitable for age 2 and up.

Age restriction: 2-6 and under Download Link: iOS

So you tell us if those apps can help your kids to stay calm or not. Let us know in the comment section. Also feel free to share this article with your friends.

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