Download Sonos Controller for iPad

Sonos Controller for iPad is now available for download in App Store via iTunes.The Sonos Controller for iPhone is a free application that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a full-fledged Sonos Controller that works over your home WiFi network. Plus, it fits in your pocket so you can carry it with you all over the house.

What’s New In Version 3.2

•Crossfading: Create smooth transitions (fade out/fade in) between songs
•Free iheartradio service (in U.S. only): Over 750 radio stations. No account required.
•Control Sonos in Japanese and Simplified Chinese
•Customize alarms for different days of the week

With Sonos and an iPad you can instantly access all the music in your personal collection, including your iTunes playlists, plus thousands of free Internet radio stations. And Sonos works seamlessly with the most popular online music services, including Deezer, iheartradio,, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody, SIRIUS, Spotify, and Wolfgang’s Vault, so you can listen to millions of songs in every room. Play the same song all over the house in perfect synchronization with one tap. Or let everyone in the house listen to exactly what they want – rock in the kitchen, local news in the bedroom and jazz in the living room.

Features Sonos Controller iPad App

* Wirelessly stream millions of songs and stations all over the house and control it all right from your iPad—no computer required.
* Instantly access unlimited music from iTunes and the Internet.
* Play the music stored on your computer or NAS drive or Apple Time Capsule (so you can play even when the computer is off).
* Play the same song in every room or different songs in every room.
* Control the music selection and volume in each room individually.
* Search for any song with the touch-screen keyboard.
* Drag and drop songs or albums into the queue or now playing pane.
* Wake up or fall asleep to your favorite music or Internet radio station with full-featured alarms.
* Set up or expand the Sonos system wirelessly with a touch of a finger.

Download Sonos Controller for iPad.

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