Must Have iPhone Apps For Fun AR Experience!

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We all use Apps. It is hard to pass one day without using one. But our preferences vary. Some use Apps for Educational purpose and some use them for managing their life. In that regard, here is our pick for the must have iPhone Apps.

Read along to find out the best apps for enjoying your free time.

World Brush

You can create artworks with this App by simply moving your device and using your finger to draw on the screen. You can always change the color and brush size.

This App will give you the best AR experience. As you roam around your home or neighborhood using this App to draw random things, you can save them at the same GPS location where you drew them. This means these paintings will be accessible by other users and they can even like or dislike them.

Stack AR

This is a great AR Gaming App. Once you launch the game you will be asked to find a surface, then you will see cubicle objects floating. Actually, you will see one object at a time. Once you are happy with its position that you see through your device, simply tap on the screen and it will hold that position. After that, a new cubicle object will appear. Once it overlaps the previous cubicle tap the screen and it will be placed over it.

The twist is when you miss placing the cubicles perfectly over one another. This actually reduces the size of the cubicle making it hard for you to place the later cubicles.

Kings of Pool

This is a great gaming App. The App will place a real Pool Table within the virtual space of your device. You can pull the stick back and let go to make a hit. And most importantly this App is completely Free.

AR Dragon

Using this App you can have your own Pet Dragon. Well, it might feel a little creepy given that the Dragon will be staring at you all along.

You can teach your Dragon how to fly. Make it play with a ball, feed it an apple and so on.

Wrapping Up!

Please share with us if you have already used the Apps mentioned above. In the meantime here is a quick blog on Android Apps Of The Week- July 2018.

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