Apple Special Event: Rumors and Expectations

As was reported yesterday Apple to Hold “Special Event” on September 1st,Something New?.Apple has started the preparation.

The picture above and below shows the part of the preparation.

We can expect Apple to announce he next generation iPod Touch and the new iOS-based Apple TV besides possibly revealing plans for their new ¢99 TV show rental service.

According to Shaw Wu from Kaufman Bros., Apple could be making a significant move to an ARM architecture based processor on the new Apple TV set-top box. The current model of Apple TV runs on an Intel x86 chip which Wu says will make way for a custom A4 processor similar to the one available on the iPad and the new iPhone 4.

Like many of our readers, we too are eagerly awaiting the media event next Wednesday. One key feature that Apple is expected to unveil is the new front-facing camera on the next generation iPod Touch.

Stay with us for the latest update.


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